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Summer is over and Fall is coming!

By September 19, 2023No Comments

Something noticeable every fall for many of us is the start of dry skin. Dry skin in the fall and winter months is a c and there are several reasons why it occurs:

  • Low Humidity: During the fall and winter, the air tends to be much drier. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, and indoor heating systems can further reduce the humidity in your home. Low humidity can lead to moisture loss from your skin, making it feel dry and tight.
  • Hot Showers and Baths: In colder weather, people often enjoy taking hot showers or baths to warm up. However, hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, which act as a barrier to lock in moisture. This can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky.
  • Reduced Sun Exposure: During the fall and winter, people tend to spend less time outdoors, which means they get less exposure to natural sunlight. Sunlight provides vitamin D, which is essential for healthy skin. Reduced sunlight exposure can contribute to dry skin.
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