Laser skin resurfacing in Worcester

Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA offers the latest laser technology on the market for laser skin resurfacing treatments. This nonsurgical treatment works to dramatically reduce facial wrinkles, scars, uneven skin texture, and other unwanted blemishes. Also known as a “laser peel,” or “lasabrasion,” laser skin resurfacing is an effective treatment for patients who desire smoother, younger looking skin.

Common treatment areas include the face, chest, and neck. The high-end genesis laser technology will gently heat the outer most layer of skin to reduce skin imperfections, promote new skin growth, and collagen production. With laser genesis there is no down time following the procedure and the results with leave you with softer, clearer, and younger looking skin. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Deborah Ekstrom, can discuss all the benefits of laser skin resurfacing during your initial consultation at our Worcester, MA practice.

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Laser skin resurfacing candidates

Laser skin resurfacing treatments may not be an effective treatment for you if you have dark skin, or medical conditions. Consult with your plastic surgeon prior to receiving treatment. However, ideal candidates are those who:

  • Have elastic skin
  • Don’t have oily-skin
  • Have wrinkles or fine lines
  • Have hyperpigmentation or sun spots
  • Have acne scarring
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Laser skin resurfacing: What to expect?

Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal care possible and in order to do so, a thorough examination must be conducted. This allows us to learn and understand your skin condition and determine if laser skin resurfacing is right for you. Once all your aesthetic needs and goals are understood, a treatment plan will be developed and a treatment session will be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

You will receive protective eyewear before the procedure begins and comfortably seated in our luxurious treatment room. The laser genesis skin resurfacing treatment will then be used on the target area to gently heat and reduce unwanted skin blemishes. Most patients do not experience any discomfort during the procedure but rather enjoy the therapeutic heat the treatment produces.

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Laser skin resurfacing results

When undergoing any type of cosmetic treatment, it’s important to have realistic expectations. The number of treatments required to produce optimal results will vary on your treatment area, skin type, and aesthetic goals. However, it is very common for patients to receive 4 – 6 treatments spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart. Some great benefits of genesis laser skin resurfacing is, the long-lasting results, no down time, and the short treatment time. Sessions usually take 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

To learn more about Laser skin resurfacing

If you are interested in laser skin resurfacing, call or visit our office today to schedule a private consultation. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss all the benefits of laser skin resurfacing.

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Laser skin resurfacing FAQs

What are the side effects of laser skin resurfacing?

The side effects of laser skin resurfacing can include redness, itchiness, and inflammation. Other possible side effects include bruising, bleeding, scabbing, and blistering. Additionally, there is a small risk of scarring with laser skin resurfacing.

Is laser resurfacing painful?

Laser resurfacing is minimally painful. During the procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort. You may feel like you have a sunburn for a few days after treatment. This can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medications.

Which is better chemical peel or laser resurfacing?

When considering chemical peel vs laser resurfacing, it is important to understand the benefits and limitations of each procedure. A chemical peel removes the damaged layers of skin, while a laser resurfacing removes damaged layers of skin and stimulates new collagen growth. Since laser resurfacing has more profound results, it is generally more expensive and requires more recovery time. However, experts often find that laser treatments are more controllable than chemical peels.

How long does laser skin resurfacing last?

The longevity of laser skin resurfacing is dependent on the type of laser and treatment settings used. Typically, results last 3-5 years. However, with proper aftercare, you can maintain stunning results indefinitely.

How does laser skin resurfacing work?

Laser skin resurfacing works by removing skin layer by layer in an accurate way. This process causes the body to regenerate healthy new skin cells. The laser energy causes the damaged skin cells to be removed and triggers your body to produce new healthy skin cells and collagen.

How often can you do laser skin resurfacing?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of laser being used, the type of skin condition being treated, and the individual patient’s unique healing process. To achieve ideal results of the laser skin resurfacing procedure, it is usually recommended to perform several procedures at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks.

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Client Reviews

Salisbury Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ekstrom is a phenomenal doctor! She is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She took all the time I needed during all my appointments and made me feel very comfortable. During the day of surgery she was full of energy and made me feel at ease with her warm bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Ekstrom and Salisbury Plastic Surgery above anyone.

J. C.

My experience with Dr. Ekstrom and her staff has been nothing but exceptional. After my initial visit with Dr. Ekstrom I knew I wanted her to do my procedure because she was very informative, gave me detailed explanation of what to expect and made me feel very comfortable. I love the look of my breasts and could not be any happier! Thank you Dr. Ekstrom, Kristen, and the whole team!

L. W.

Dr. Ekstrom and her staff are fabulous. I am 2 days post op BA Mentor Moderate Plus silicone 375/350 sub glandular placement. I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I presented with asymmetric mildly tuberous breasts. Dr. Ekstrom answered my hundreds of questions, gave me realistic surgical expectations. My result…..fabulous! Beyond thrilled!

M. G.
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