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An Evening with the Latvian President

By September 25, 2023No Comments

This past week, Dr. Ekstrom and I participated in the Spotlight Latvia 2023 meetings in Boston.

In my role as the Consul for the Republic of Latvia in Southern California, I had the pleasure and burden of being one of the lead organizers of this meeting in Los Angeles in April of 2022. (It was exciting and much less stressful to be a participant with no production responsibilities at this Boston meeting). The lead organizer for these events is the Latvian American Chamber of Commerce. The meeting consisted of various presentations from both the Latvian and US side with respect to doing business in each other’s countries. (If any of you know of anyone interested in expanding their operations into Latvia, which is an EU country, a member of NATO and the WTO, please direct them my way and I will do whatever I can do to help them.)

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