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Seeing Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes

By December 27, 2023No Comments

A very Merry Christmas to everyone!
As we watched our grandchildren eagerly unwrap their Christmas presents, we were transported back in time to our own childhoods. The magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes remains timeless, an enchanting blend of wonder and joy that spans generations.
The twinkling lights that adorned our homes back then are mirrored in the gleam of excitement in the eyes of our grandchildren. The scent of evergreen, the sight of poinsettias, the aromas of special foods being prepared all evoke memories of our own youthful anticipation, as we carefully hung ornaments and counted down the days until Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.
The familiar strains of carols playing in the background transport us to the days when our own youthful voices joined in the chorus (at church and at home). The thrill of the arrival of Christmas Eve to discover a world transformed by traditional meals, prayers, carols, gifts and love is now mirrored in the delighted gasps and giggles of the new generation.

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