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Its wedding season and what better way to get ready for your big day than by coming in to your favorite plastic surgery office for some amazing treatments! Follow our Pre-wedding treatment guideline in the months, weeks and even days leading up to your big day, for bright, beautiful and glowing skin on your special day.

Neurotoxins: Soften lines and wrinkles to create a well-rested and refreshed look, with Beauty injections® cosmetic. Smooth out those lines, so your makeup doesn’t crease on your big day!
When: Beauty injections®, the preferred neurotoxin used here at Orange County Plastic Surgery, can take up to a week to fully kick in. We recommend you do a trial run about 6 months prior to your wedding. This allows us to determine the correct dose and placement for you. You may then repeat your treatment about 1 month before the wedding, allowing time for any touch up treatments to be effective, if needed.

Chemical peel: For more extensive or deeper lines and sun damage, try a chemical peel. We offer medium and deep peels and can customize the peels based upon your needs.
When: Depends on the peel. A Perfect Pee®l is a mid-depth peel and takes about 1 week for downtime. TCA and phenol peels are much deeper and we recommend you have one of these treatments about 3 months before your wedding, keep in mind that the best time of year for a chemical peel is in the fall or winter.

SculpSure®: Have a little stubborn fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise? This minimally invasive laser will shrink your fat and is done with zero downtime!
When: Plan this one out accordingly, results are appreciated 12 weeks after your final treatment and an average of 2-4 treatments are recommended, spaced 6 weeks apart.

Laser Genesis: No downtime with this treatment and it leaves your skin hydrated and glowing. It minimizes the red undertones and plumps the skin, stimulating collagen and decreasing pore size.
When: A series of 3 is recommended, spaced about 3 weeks apart. With this in mind, you should start your series about 3 months before your wedding date.

Dermaplaning: A lovely treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. In this no downtime, 1 hour treatment, we use a scalpel blade to mechanically exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells and peach fuzz. The result, soft skin that provides a clean palate for even makeup application and better absorption of your favorite products.
When: I often recommend trying this at least once before any special events, about a month ahead of time, to see how your skin reacts to any self tanners or makeup applied after the treatment. Then repeating the treatment about 2-3 days before the wedding.

Surgeries: Whether it’s a facelift, breast lift or augmentation, calf augmentation or tummy tuck! Come see your favorite plastic surgeon, Dr. Bunkis for a consultation to get you looking and feeling your best for your wedding and honeymoon!
When: 4-6 months, depending on the surgery of your dreams.